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Filla Life Media utilizes the most advanced, proprietary, digital media strategies you will find. In fact, we recently had a senior-level Google strategist assigned to our entire list of client accounts and book of business in order to give us pointers or tips to improve our ROI.  He said, and I quote “Your accounts are the absolute best account setups I have ever seen in my career at Google, and I struggled to find ways to help you improve”.  By the end of the call, he asked me to share my approach and the thoughts behind my account structure and to train him on my techniques.  It was a wonderful call and validated a lot of what we already believed to be true.   He also compared our accounts to similar Google accounts by channel and noted that we were 4x better than our competition in ROI or ROAS in similar channels.   We had seen this several times as we took over accounts from other agencies and to have such a powerful confirmation from our assigned AM was quite affirming.


These strategies took decades to create but only moments to execute. Discover how we have streamlined both setup and execution of new campaigns.  Additionally, our ongoing maintenance drives successful metrics that become expected, and regular improvements become the norm.  How do we do this?  In this blog, I promised to share the # 1 most important industry secret to save you money.


Here it is:

Most programmatic digital platforms where you buy media such as Google, Facebook, app nexus, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are designed to create competition and use that competition to drive up pricing for advertisers so that the platforms increase their profits. We only buy media on platforms where we have worked tirelessly to create strategies that successfully counteract or balance out the platform’s push-up on pricing by instead, pushing prices down. Finding the lowest possible price point for the maximum result on a cost-per-conversion basis is the key to any true success. Master that, and you find the winning combination. That is what we do for each of our clients. We find the winning combination. In order to do this, you have to utilize every single tool available within each platform to weed through the noise or what I call the “ad wasteland” to find the gems. There are ways to do this and still keep your prices low and continuously push down against the upward tug of the platform.


It works, and it’s scalable. Find out how we use these tools to can create enormous savings for clients while simultaneously increasing results! 


You have 2 options when working with us:  


1.  Cut your budget by ½ and keep the same results. 

2.  Keep the same budget and double the outcome.

If you are just starting out, sit back and watch the results come in!


Call or Email now to join our client waiting list. We would love to take your ROI Sky High.

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