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This client came to FLM mid-summer of 2019 with several urgent needs!

The Challenge: This client needed more leads, better tracking and overall better use of media dollars being spent on search advertising.

The Solution: Filla Life Media began engagement mid-June 2019 and immediately revamped their entire Google Adwords strategy. Employing our proprietary 12-step strategy we embarked on a journey to procure leads without increasing their monthly budget .

The Results: Immediate conversion growth. However, campaigns change quickly and FLM reacts to an ever changing media landscape through daily hands-on optimization. Each dip in performance was met by aggressive counter measures to regain territory and continue our aggressive growth pattern.

Total Leads By Month

Tracking! Tracking! Tracking!

Tracking is the key to success. We track everything! But we don’t stop there. Once everything is connected and we have a vibrant feedback loop from the end user to the search platform campaigns, we use the data to drive results. Each signal created tells a story. Who is responding, what are their interests, their age, their income? Tracking, when used effectively, can transform a campaign from flat and unimpressive to exceptional, strong and profitable. We outperform the competition because we are relentless in our pursuit of success. Our strategies took 20 years to develop, but now take only moments to execute.

More Results: Cost per lead plummeted upon engagement! This saved our client thousands of dollars over several months by reducing money spent on wasted ad inventory and focusing money on higher quality inventory.

Cost Per Lead By Month