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Our Search Campaigns Start with a new approach to campaign deployment and management. Our method is radically different than most and provide results you won’t find just anywhere. Our Proprietary Strategy has been tested, tweaked and fine-tuned to perfection. With 2 decades of experience we know what works. We use a unique combination of campaign signals plus a robust conversion tracking setup in order to start every campaign out with a foundation for success


Combining our campaign signals, engangement metrics and conversion stats we let the data drive our decisions. With frequent high touch interactions and hands on daily optimizations our data constantly informs our outlook. Filla Life Media has created a custom built 12 step data driven optimization method that leaves no stone unturned in order to find the most valuable users at the right time in the right location. Each campaign has a unique life cycle and we walk you through each step; improving performance at every stage.


The Results are out of this world; More users, more activity, more conversions, more leads, more sales! No matter what campaign objective you set up our goal is to consistently out perform, save you money and increase your ROI month over month. Let us show you how its done!


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