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Design Driven By Industry-Based Research And Testing

In web design, it is not enough to simply create a visually pleasing web page. To ensure its success, web development must be driven by industry-based research and testing. Doing so allows for the optimization of landing pages that are tailored specifically for your target audience.

At Filla Life Media LLC, we understand this and take web design and development seriously. Through analysis of our clients’ industries and customer feedback, we are able to create webpages that capture the attention of their target market and convert visitors into leads.

Our web designs are well thought-out, incorporating only the most effective features from industry research and user testing. This ensures that your web pages are not only aesthetically pleasing but also full of user-friendly, engaging content that will keep visitors on your web pages longer.

Ultimately, our web design and development process allows us to create web pages that are optimized for lead generation and sales. With attractive visuals and concise yet informative content, your web pages will be sure to capture the attention of potential customers.

What We Offer


Crafting a design that converts is the our primary objective.  To do that, it is essential to do your research when it comes to web design and web development for any industry. Understanding the best practices of web design tailored to your market can ensure that you are crafting a web presence that will convert visitors into customers. Doing so requires understanding what kinds of visuals, messages, layouts, and strategies work well in specific industries.


At our company, web design and web development services are tailored to meet your exact needs. We use an experienced team of web professionals who have the skills and knowledge to create unique web solutions that help you stand out from the competition. From optimized landing pages to custom designs, we build everything with a strategic approach. We understand how important it is for web projects to be created with the right message and visuals, as this will directly affect how potential customers perceive your business. Our goal is to make sure that your web design and web development services are successful in meeting all of your goals.


We understand the value of communication when it comes to web design and web development. Our team is committed to providing you with prompt feedback and answering any questions you may have in order to fine-tune your web design project quickly and efficiently.

We don’t just build websites – we create optimized web designs that will drive web traffic and convert to leads. Our web development team has the expertise to create one-of-a-kind web designs for your business’s needs, as well as customized landing pages that are tailored to your goals. Ultimately, close communication between you and our team makes that happen.


We have honed our web design and web development skills over years of doing projects for various organizations. Our experienced team can provide guidance on how to build optimized landing pages that will convert more visitors into customers, or help you create a web presence that will increase brand awareness. By leveraging our knowledge of user behavior, we know what works and what doesn’t and how to effectively lead a quickly through the conversion path or sales process.

Our Work

Case Study:

A fresh design brought Center For Women an unparalleled advantage connecting them with women looking for pregnancy support in Jackson, MI

Center For Women Pregnancy Services is a pregnancy resource center based in Jackson, MI. Their aim is to reach those seeking help with making decisions regarding their pregnancy and providing them with material and educational resources to support their pregnancy choice.

While they were doing great in reaching their target audience through organic and paid search, there was a disconnect between the number of people visiting the site and those that booked appointments. The Filla Life Media team helped to close that gap and convert the traffic they were already receiving to unparalleled levels through a highly optimized web design geared towards quick conversions.

The team got started by looking at the existing site and deciding what to keep and what to replace. Based on previous experience, industry research, and client preference a plan was created. In the end, the majority of the site was rebuilt with one objective in mind – conversions. Our goal was to make it easy for women to respond.

A relaxed young woman smiling while holding her skateboard

Over the course of a few weeks, every area of the site was brought to life with new colors, updated fonts, fresh demographic-matching images, revised button layout, and simple forms that made it easy for users to connect with Center For Women Pregnancy Services, ask questions, text or call. Since the change, Center For Women Pregnancy Services has seen an ROI increase of 200% with no other major changes to advertising budgets.

The power of a new site is hard to see when you already have a beautiful site, but through industry testing and experience, Filla Life Media’s team has been able to increase both leads and appointments through the power of fresh design. 

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