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This client sells golf products via a multi-platform strategy that includes Search, Social Media, Video and Partner Promotions

The Challenge: The challenge was two-fold. First, the primary goal was to increase overall sales via search and video campaigns. Additionally, this client was struggling to properly attribute back-end sales activity to the ad unit and type of ad that lead to each sale. We were tasked with making sure attribution was in sync across all ad spend.

The Solution: In order to accomplish both goals we employed Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and UTM codes. We then plugged them into the website and connected them to each media platform so that every ad campaign fully tracked revenue and attributed back to the user and the ad that lead to each sale. For the clients search and video campaigns we applied our proprietary 12-step campaign optimization program and quickly moved each campaign through this unique evolutionary program that increases revenue based on the extensive utilization of robust signals and data feedback loops.

The Results: Consistent revenue growth, stable return on ad spend and stable cost per sales. We saw some seasonal dip

Sales Volume By Month

Revenue Driven by Data

Tying every user signal into each platform and into each campaign strategy educated our media buying techniques. By tagging an advanced combination of 20+ conversions types and engagement activities we drilled down into every crack and crevice of activity to find the best type of user, at the best time of day, viewing content that was most likely to lead to conversion and monetize it! Ultimately, we also saw certain metrics that performed poorly and we were equally aggressively at removing and reducing any media spend where it was less likely to convert. This combination of tactics allowed us to increase revenue for our partners without enormous increase in media spend. In fact, the ultimate goal was to spend less for every new customer or new sale while focusing on overall on top line sales growth.

Targeting has to be precise to be effective


Filla Life Media has found that effective campaigns evolve and change over time. By having a variety of campaigns in play at any given time leads to greater learning and great long term success. Additionally, it is important to frequently add new strategies, content, and ad types so that Adwords is always getting a fresh look at new data. As our campaign improved, we opened up a shopping channel, dynamic ad sets, responsive ads, conversion based video targeting, retargeting strategies, and audience segment targeting. This approach let us seamlessly shift budget from one strategy to another as the data dictated. We never just set to forget it. The data tells a story and with frequent monitoring and frequent adjusting, an effective marketing strategy unfolds. Many platforms and systems help you find audiences, like golfers, but finding ways to effectively convert them at a low cost per conversion takes an expert. We are proud this partner chose Filla Life Media to deliver these results.


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