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FLM Success Story - Pregnancy Center In PA

Client Case Study

This client was referred to us last summer. Their advertising seemed ineffective and the number of booked appointments each month was quite low, They had reduced their ad budget dramatically because they knew things were not working, but they were not being advised on how to improve their results.

The Challenge: 1.) To clearly identify and interpret the results of their current media spending and to determine why the campaign was failing

2.) To provide them with a new strategy to increase the number of leads and reduce the cost per lead

The Solution: Filla Life Media began working with this client in the summer of 2021 and took a deep dive into their current ad campaign set-up to determine what was wrong. We found four main goals were being used historically for their account: form fills, phone calls from ads, phone calls from their website, and texts. While this is a good foundation in theory, not many of these goals were being achieved for a four-month period. We estimated that over $3,000 in media spending was completely wasted with no ROI. We were also able to identify that their current campaigns were set up with inefficient strategies, which drained their budgets with no ROI. Basic, or primitive, settings were used in their campaign set-ups which could not provide any short or long-term lift. After a full review, we decided it was best to start over. We launched our 12-step campaign set up and our multi-tiered conversion trackers and were thrilled to see an immediate turnaround.

The Results: The conversion data poured in overnight and the results continue to improve. The previous cost per lead was $259, and within the first month of the FLM effect, we had achieved a $47 cost per lead. By December we reduced that by another 60% and achieved a 19 cost per lead. The client was confident to raise their budget and saw conversions go from an average of 2.75 conversions a month to an average of 83 leads a month and over 120 leads in December.

1363% improvement


In June of 2021, the FLM effect can be seen in the graph above. We were able to bring the client’s campaign to life in a variety of ways. Before engaging with us they were generating two new leads a month and in the first month, we generated forty-two new leads. In the second month, leads increased to over 100 and by December we generated over 120 new contacts. In fact, our campaign has been so successful they are now able to utilize a $10,000 a month Google grant for nonprofits to further increase their reach. By leveraging data the right way and implementing intelligent bidding, Filla Life Media was able to deliver amazing results. These types of results do not come easily. In the first 6 months alone, we made over 33,000 changes, adjustments, and optimizations to their campaigns. We never “set and forget” any of our ad buys, but with constant hands-on daily optimization, we work to achieve results that seem too good to be true.

More Leads, More Clients, More Lives Saved