Donor Engagement Strategies

Gain Donors for Life:


Boost Donor SegmentFinding donors is hard. Staying connected with them while expanding your services can also be a challenge. But, losing your donors is a risk you can’t afford to take. They are among your ministry’s most important assets.

  1. With Donor Segments, digital media outreach is easier than ever. Now you can reach more people and save even more lives through our careful precision targeting. And ultimately you can set the cadence and frequency at which you contact your donors online. Since we are only targeting donors, the cost to reach this audience is fractional compared to other methods of outreach and appeal.

  2. Additionally, we can track donor gifts through Conversion Tracking.

  3. And, we can evaluate and monitor ad effectiveness through real time Return On Ad Spend tracking (ROAS). With a multiple platform outreach strategy, you can now connect to donors through display, search and social media outlets.  In fact, we can match donor e-mail addresses to social media ad campaigns and then create campaigns specifically for donor groups.

These are just three of the ways Filla Life Media can your impact your organization. The right combination of services can fundamentally change the way you interact with and manage your donor relationships.

Filla Life Media Donor Strategy

• Donor Segment creation
• Retargeting
• Donation Ad Tracking
• E-mail Matching
• Return On Ad Spend bidding and reporting
• Ad Creation
• Campaign Implementation
• Reporting and Optimization
• Custom Affinity Ads
• Custom Intent Audience targeting
• Geotargeting
• Unique Donor Messaging
• Donation Splash Pages
• Geo Fencing

Donor Strategy

Let us lend you a hand in reaching those who are most vital to your organization!