It’s All In The Data

Here are our 5 top reasons to increase our data usage on every campaign

  1. Track Landing Page Effectiveness Through Engagement
  2. Train Google’s AI
  3. Discover Best Performing Creatives
  4. Define Valuable Audiences
  5. Conserve budget

The Power of Data-Driven Google Ads

Conversion data points are the building blocks for your Google Ads Account. The more Blocks you have the bigger your castle!  With access to more data, your future decision-making and optimization will come easier, your ability to determine a true ROI will become more clear, and your ability to define who your customers are will come much quicker. Here are 4 Tips to effectively leverage data to build a successful campaign.  Let’s Take a deeper look.

1.) Tracking Landing Page Effectiveness Through User Engagement

Many Agencies only set up the basic GA, GTM, or Adwords tags. Conversions such as forms, texts, and call tracking are all common, but what about everything else a user does on the site? Visiting another page, clicking a learn more button, visiting 3 or more pages or even the time on the page can be useful information. These actions, plus many other variations, are examples of ways to track more user activity which will then better inform your campaign setups.  You can more effectively see how well your landing pages are performing overall and not just how many people fill out that form. Google Analytics allows you to set up 20 goals per website and generally we try to use every slot.  The more actions we can track the more data points google has to work with as it predicts where to buy media and at what price. Without this additional information, your ROI can suffer and Google’s algorithms can fail to work properly.

2.) Using Data To Train Google’s AI

When you switch to a conversion-based smart campaign, You let Google use machine learning to predict outcomes.  Google thrives on data as it informs machine learning as to what types of users convert.  The more data it gets, the better the outcome.  Feed the monster and it will be happy!  Starve it and it will eat your budget. Not calling google a monster, but you get the picture. When you give google robust data it quickly predicts what type of user will convert and it will begin to deliver more of those users to your campaign. So setting up numerous conversions, even if it is a button click or a page view, can help Google determine which audiences, which locations, and which devices will lead to a better conversion rate. Fewer data points mean longer delays in being able to ramp up a successful campaign, and it means more wasted media dollars.

3.) Discover Your Best Performing Creatives

While ad copy may not be one of the first reasons you’d consider adding conversion tracking to your Google Ads account, it is a valuable tool to gauge your ad copy’s effectiveness. Relying on click-through rate alone is not going to give you the full picture  CTR will tell you how effective a headline is in getting people to go to your landing page, but what about after that? Is there an ad or group of headline combinations that are more effective at bringing in high ROI and converting traffic? Or is there one that is driving plenty of traffic, but not converting nearly as high? You can use this conversion data to make decisions about which creative to keep and which to re-think.

4.) Uncover Valuable Audience Insights

Google Ads is a great place to generate leads and bring users to your site that otherwise might have missed you.  It is also great at showing you which types of people are interested in your business in general and then which of those people are most likely to book, call, or buy something.  It can only do this if conversion tracking is set up properly. In Google Ads, there are over 800 audiences ranging from travel buffs to shoppers, to gamers and beyond. Using this information you can build higher-quality landing pages speaking directly to the people that are interested in your product and write ad copy that is more interesting to your target audience.

5.) Conserve Budget

By effectively using data, and as much data as possible to inform your media buys, you learn faster, get results faster, and can make changes faster.  It allows you to spot trends up to 10x faster than before.   For example, you can quickly see that midnight – 5 AM is not converting, and by removing those hours you save money which allows you to spend more money on hours that are working.  You may spot that your campaigns get a better response from users age 30+ rather than a younger audience.  Directing more budget to top performers and reducing spending on non-performers saves you money quickly.  Gone are the days when you have to wait 3- 6 months for an SEM campaign to start working.  Flood this system with data and you will start to see trends immediately.  This means campaigns improve in a matter of weeks or days rather than months.

When you allow more data to enter your Google Ads Pipeline you begin to see patterns and insights you never thought of before that extend well beyond the digital world. With this data, you can make small changes more quickly that will have a powerful impact on your ROI long term.  Use as much data as you can, track everything and then look at reports from a dozen different angles to start spotting trends.  You got this!

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