Client Spotlight: CareNet Milwaukee

Filla Life Media in Partnership with Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee: Rachel Schepp, ED

Filla Life Media is incredibly blessed to be working with this outstanding Pregnancy Center In Milwaukee. We would describe our partnership as vibrant, connected, and responsive. The Team at CareNet is incredible to work with and Rachel Schepp is a rock star Executive Director who cares tremendously about her center. Her passion motivates her to be engaged with all the various elements of running a center, including a high level of attention to digital marketing and its effectiveness.

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee is committed to helping women who are facing a planned or unplanned pregnancy by offering lab-quality pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and personal consultation.  All of these services are offered at no charge to the client and require no insurance.   Care Net focuses on the compassion and care that they provide for each client, making an assertive effort to go above and beyond what is expected. “ It’s not just about getting somebody through the door but actually caring about them and where they are at.”  They continually follow up and reach out, not giving up on a client, even if she does not show up for an appointment.  The Care Net staff makes the effort to follow up via phone calls and texts until they can help women get through the door of their clinic to get the help they need. 

CareNet offers: Baby supplies, Diapers, Clothes and more.

Care Net of Milwaukee walks with pregnant women through pregnancy and beyond, offering programs that will help moms for years even after they have their babies. They go a step beyond the average clinic in that if clients are interested in learning more about Jesus, the staff is here to share that information with them as well, offering the hope of the gospel as well as material support to mothers after the baby is born.

Care Net located in the urban center of Milwaukee, so creating an oasis for the women who walk into their center is a strong priority. 

They estimate that over 1,400 women will walk through their doors this year to receive the wide variety of services and support that Care Net offers. 

Care Net of Milwaukee came in contact with Filla Life Media through a referral from another crisis pregnancy center that was seeing drastic improvement in their ability to help women after working with FLM.  Care Net had never done any online marketing in the past and although they started with a small budget, FLM was able to work with them to get the most out of what they had.   Care Net began seeing immediate results, even with the small initial budget they had. Those results yielded enough increase that Care Net was then able to get more funding for additional advertising.

Rachel Schepp, Executive Director of Care Net Milwaukee, said that Kurt Filla, founder of Filla Life Media, even helped with the grant writing so Care Net could get the most funding possible.

Care Net has been partnering with FLM for over 3 years now, and has seen the number of abortion-minded women that they have been able to serve increase by 100%!  Overall client numbers have increased significantly as well, both in clients reaching out online as well as those walking through the doors of Care Net.

Significant changes were obvious in as little as 3-4 months.  It was at about that time that the board at Care Net started really noticing the increased number of women the clinic was able to serve and commented that working with FLM was truly worth the investment.  Rachel also commented that in today’s world, when women need services related to pregnancy, they go to Google and type in what they are looking for.   Rachel quotes, “FLM is helping centers like Care Net meet the women right where they are looking for help.  You have to be where your clients are in the moment that they are making that contact, and that is what Kurt helps us to do; to be there!”

Care Net states that their goal is to reach as many women as they can with the budget they have! Kurt and FLM continue to make that goal attainable.  The FLM staff takes the time each month to send Care Net a detailed report, to explain anything that needs clarifying, and to make their team extremely accessible.  “He (Kurt) is always watching!  He really cares that we are reaching the women that we want to reach in order to help us further our mission. He pays attention to even small changes and makes adjustments as needed.  He is both proactive and responsive.”

CareNet Milwaukee, Reaching Women with Life Saving Resources

Filla Life Media offers the most advanced digital strategies you will find and prides itself on powerful results in a fraction of the time it would take other companies to do the same work.  FLM determines what current advertising practices for your company are working, and where updates or fresh ideas are needed.  Kurt and his team generate the results you deserve, and are available anytime to answer questions, provide feedback, or help you in any of your marketing efforts.

The partnership between Filla Life Media and Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee has helped to save many lives and has assisted countless men and women in getting the help they need when they need it.  Filla Life Media is honored to be a part of the lifesaving work of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee.

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