Client Spotlight: Align Pregnancy

We want to shout out a word of gratitude for the partnership we have with Align Pregnancy Service in PA.  Align offers hope and help to women who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy or have made a past abortion decision. And they do an AWESOME job at it…

Pregnancy services - Digital Marketing

Our partnership began over a year ago when they started to look critically at their marketing budget and the results they were getting from their media spend.  Prior to launching our strategic marketing plan, they were only reaching a dozen or so women each month.  Within weeks after our campaigns went live, their numbers started to spike and now they are interacting with over one hundred new contacts each month.   Our partnership has saved many lives and has helped many more women and men get the help they need, at the time they need it most.  

We recently launched a Google grant account for them as well, and now they are able to take advantage of up to $10,000 of free marketing dollars through the google grants for non-profits.  The Google grant requirements make it hard for Pregnancy Resource Centers to spend this budget, and we are proud to be using a significant amount of that budget each month.  

Three key elements have made their digital media campaigns so successful.

1) Integrated landing pages – Check out this week’s blog at for more information on this.

2) Full data integration that tracks everything a user does and feeds that data back to our ad campaigns. This avoids dollars spent on wasted tactics and non-performing audience segments. More data means more power to react, which means more lives saved. And of course, all of this data is private, non-verifiable data that is in keeping with the strictest standards of privacy.

3) An ad schedule that follows their office hours so when women are searching and contacting them, someone is there responding. We discovered their budget could not cover 100% of the search inventory available so limiting it to their office hours increased conversions dramatically.

We are honored to be a part of the life-saving work at Align Pregnancy Services and proud to share some of the results with our followers.

“Filla Life Media has been an invaluable marketing partner for our ministry. Their digital strategies, market insights, trend spotting, and understanding of our clients began yielding substantial results from day 1, and we have continued to see growth in traffic and conversions every month since. I would highly recommend Kurt and his team to anyone looking to amplify their digital advertising.”

— Align Pregnancy Services

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