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Kurt and Sheri Golf Day

Filla Life Media brings over 23 years of digital media buying and strategy to our client accounts.  In fact, Sheri and I have a combined total of 45 year’s experience together.  Sheri, the Director of Client Services, has worked with me for her entire digital media career and we consider ourselves somewhat of a dynamic duo of digital media optimization.  Together, along with Dylan, Alec, Trevor, and Andrew our team has grown to service more clients than we could have ever imagined when Filla Life Media began over 3 years ago.  We are grateful and blessed!


Staying ahead of the curve and up-to-date with a landscape that changes both rapidly and significantly is key to our success.  We are constantly learning, studying, testing, and reviewing new strategies and campaign options in order to know what will make the biggest impact toward our client’s goals.  This year we were awarded the Google Partner badge and now have access to the latest greatest breaking techniques for optimal campaign success. For example, are your ad campaigns ready for GA 4? Are you using Data-Driven (DD) conversion types? Do you know how to Qualify for DD conversions? Are you aware of the impact DD can have on your success?  Reach out and we can help.

Making small incremental changes to creatives, landing pages, conversion tracking, and more, all add up to greater success. Let knowledge drive your success and be sure to partner with people with experience who know how to sift through the unnecessary and find optimal targets for each of your campaign types.

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As 20-year industry veterans, our strategies for clients, both small and large, contain a unique approach to ad spend that consistently delivers an impact for organizations across the country.

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