5 Tips For A Crazy Effective Landing Page

Your landing page is the single most important part of the marketing equation. It’s the crucial point of a customer’s journey where most, if not all, conversions occur. Is it putting people to sleep, or is it getting you the conversion rates you wanted? Here are our top 5 landing page tips that convert like crazy.

  1. Be Informative
  2. Be Concise
  3. Be Engaging
  4. Be integrated
  5. Be Flexible

Be Informative

Be an authority in your industry and provide the user with robust information to help them make an informed choice about you and your offer. Consider what is the most important about your business and the services you offer, and then sell it. Give the user strong details about who you are, how you are different than your competition, and what they can expect after they become a customer. Adding a few verified reviews from past and current customers helps to build trust as well.

Be Concise

Don’t Over Do It!

When you have all the information you want to display to a user, avoid putting it into one big block of text. Keep your sections short and concise and easy to follow. It can be helpful to use bulleted lists to provide key information and re-caps. Experts in landing page design and user psychology have discovered that most people will scan a page rather than read everything word for word:


Here is a better, more user-friendly way to summarize the above paragraph for a landing page:

  • Use accurate and consistent headlines that draw attention
  • Break up longer sections with shorter ones
  • Use bullet points and images to provide visual breaks
  • Make good use of white space to make your page feel lighter and more digestible

Be Engaging

What do you want a potential customer to feel like when interacting with you? What should the client feel like after becoming a customer?

Use high-quality images that evoke the feelings you desire in your audience. Choose specific designs, colors, and images to convey not only who you are but what your clients should feel as they interact with you. All images and media used should focus on interaction and engagement. To increase engagement and to show a user when and where to take action, be sure to highlight your desired call to action with buttons, links, forms, maps, and downloads. The call to action options should be integrated into your page with coordinated uses of colors, sizes, and shapes. Ask yourself: Where do I want my audience to go next? What do I want them to do once they get to my website?

Move them in the direction you want them to go with every element you add to your page.


Be integrated

Another way to boost authenticity and build trust with your audience is by integrating your landing pages into your site’s navigation. Isolating landing pages away from the brand’s URL is an archaic, old-school strategy that is no longer effective. Today’s users are smart and demand information. They want it fast and they want it now and they know how to get it. Don’t make it hard for them. A stand-alone page separates the offer from the brand and makes the user journey disconnected from the full experience of your brand. Integrating your landing page into the navigation allows a user to thoroughly evaluate your identity before making the decision to become a customer. They can also freely explore your other offers and services. This can be especially helpful if they’ve landed on a page that was not exactly what they were looking for, but you allowed them to easily find something that was a perfect fit.

Be Flexible

Our final tip to achieve higher conversion rates through your landing page is to provide multiple ways for a user to contact you. You might prefer phone calls, but consider letting the user decide their preferred form of communication. People’s lives are dynamic, and calls may not be the most convenient way for them to connect with your business. Offer an option to email, call, text, fill out a form, and possibly add a live chat feature to provide the user with an option that fits with their preferences. You’ll be surprised how much this impacts your conversion rate.

In Summary:

When you bring all of this information together and apply it to your landing page, you will start to see conversion rates increase. Small changes can have a powerful impact on user response rates. Test these tips out and watch your conversion rates explode. I am confident they can benefit your business and increase your ROI.

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