What Makes A Good Creative?

Have you ever stopped scrolling mid-article because an ad caught your eye? Even for a few seconds? The chances of you saying yes right now are probably pretty high. Maybe you visited the advertiser before and were familiar with the product, or the quick movement and bold colors of the ad drew your eye’s attention. Either way, the advertiser achieved one of its goals. You stopped and somehow engaged with the brand’s messaging. Today, digital creatives are everywhere: from the websites you browse, to the apps on your phone, even the elevator down to your hotel lobby. But if you want to create an engaging ad, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

5 Tips For A Crazy Effective Landing Page

Your landing page is the single most important part of the marketing equation. It’s the crucial point of a customer’s journey where most, if not all, conversions occur. Is it putting people to sleep, or is it getting you the conversion rates you wanted? Here are our top 5 landing page tips that convert like crazy.

Strategy for Success

Filla Life Media utilizes the most advanced, proprietary, digital media strategies you will find. In fact, we recently had a senior-level google strategist assigned to our entire list of client accounts and book of business in order to give us pointers or tips to improve our ROI.